CONS: I don't have any problems at this time, which is impressive and speaks volumes about this great POS. It's a great tool that is worth the cost if you're willing invest the time into making your business revolve around it. They guide you through just what you need. Lightspeed solved my inventory management issues! Best business decision we ever made was switching to Lightspeed. PROS: Lightspeed is very in depth and detailed. FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions. Filter web activity, ensure CIPA compliance, and report on web traffic without the need for a proxy. Fast ramp up when you have a store that you can\'t shut down! CONS: Initially, we were told of many aspects of the Retail system that would help make small things that don't really work for our business work for us. Lightspeed MDM™ can issue, track, manage, and monitor every device and remotely deploy apps and install updates even after the device is issued. Matt, your technical specialist, is working with me on a lot of these problems and is doing a great job but I definitely need to talk to someone higher up about these issues. Points cannot be used to pay for any delivery charges. CONS: There's not much I don't like--maybe I just haven't found anything yet worth mentioning. This is the best POS system I have used within my 20 years of having a store. The customer support. The customer service is amazing when we have questions or need guidance on any aspect of the system. It works well as a time clock, keeps tracks of my customers and allows me to automatically apply discounts appropriately. CONS: Because I use a different format for my website, I do need a gateway to process credit cards for both, incurring an extra expense. Ring up the customer  The training was great for my staff as they are able to figure out rather complex process without knowing anything technical. Lightspeed Systems Monitor alerts teachers to unusual activity so that they can continue teaching and spending time supporting students. This is great if you need to accept payment in different parts of your store. Lightspeed brings them together and helps you access multiple revenue streams all in one place. Integrates with our website and marketplaces such as Reverb and eBay. The interface on the iPad for ringing customers up is intuitive. It's very complete software so the user friendly interface is, I guess, as good as they can. If I have an issue, it's usually kind of an emergency because I'm almost always able to problem solve my problem. Points are not awarded on any delivery charges. The solution has the capability to know when students are off-task and the software notifies teachers in real time so that they can provide immediate guidance and direction to those students distracted. CONS: The eCom platform wasn't ideal for our purposes, but I could see it working really well for a new company. Lightspeed Retail is meant to streamline and keep business operations running smoothly. PROS: We use the analytics of Lightspeed everyday to make buying, marketing, and sales decisions. Please note, that FinancesOnline lists all vendors, we’re not limited only to the ones that pay us, and all software providers have an equal opportunity to get featured in our rankings and comparisons, win awards, gather user reviews, all in our effort to give you reliable advice that will enable you to make well-informed purchase decisions. PROS: Near constant improvements to already very useful software are just one of the reasons you should consider Lightspeed either as your POS or ecommerce solution. From Zuppler to Mobi2go, I've spoken with all of their providers and it's definitely not a solution for a busy restaurant. PROS: There are more than enough tools and reports to get the information that you need to help your business succeed and grow! PROS: Inventory management, Sales screens, Basic reporting is helpful, and Support is phenomenal. If you run a business, investing in this service is very much advised. The connection dies and you must reconnect it using the iPad settings>bluetooth. Relay Classroom is a fully featured Classroom Management Software designed to serve … You can also track all your inventory across different locations as the platform has a multi-store capability. Doesn’t seem like a big deal until that customer has a HUGE allergic reaction and goes to the hospital and your business is now in a lawsuit. Operator. Recurring cost is greater as customers are required to make monthly payments as subscription fee. Compare all pricing plans and features of relay classroom by lightspeed systems. Searching for a receipt on the back-end is VERY difficult. This scanner must be connected EVERY DAY. I measured all the pros and cons of every POS and at the end of the day Lightspeed was not the right choice. Simple to use with great reporting and inventory tracking. Basic . It is very straightforward and easy to use. Dashboard, management and operational reports that are needed. No backups! What’s even better about the system is that it can smoothly integrate with popular social media platforms, enabling you to easily connect to your customers. The layaway that exists works, I would just like to be able to bypass that step. I've also found that the technology the system is based on is sound, secure and dependable. It seems they are constantly striving to improve and cater to customer needs. For transitioning from a different POS software, exported information from previous systems can be used as models and converted into Lightspeed format. Upfront cost for customization and integration is less compared to perpetual license cost because there is not much flexibility with SaaS systems in this area. Lightspeed Filter™ is powered by the most comprehensive database of K-12 online content in the industry from 20 years of web indexing. Lets say these sandwiches all have different default bread and cheese. CONS: As we customized the program for our needs - we don't use a lot of the restaurant features - we use only for our bar. If you still don’t believe me, I will tell you more.. All easy fixes that would just improve slightly. PROS: I own a pet supply retail store and grooming salon and have been using Lightspeed since 2015. I was wrong to worry. If you choose to transfer data on your own, you can avoid paying the cost of data migration. Lightspeed offers low commissions on options, allowing both occasional and frequent traders to take advantage of competitively-priced options. Thank you for the time you take to leave a quick review of this software. Can't believe we tried anything else first. If you work at lightspeed, I’m sorry I had to post this terrible review on you guys but I am really frustrated. The high-capacity advanced lithium ion battery provides green energy efficiency and can be charged within 2.5 hours, gives the bike a distance range of 30-60kms per full charge. In order to calculate the cost of customization you can use the following estimates: As a rule of thumb the cost of data migration depents on how many records you want to migrate. If you seek to understand software pricing model, get in touch with ITQlick experts. Minimal customization - integrate with 1-2 systems: $2,500, Standard customization - integrate with 3-5 systems: $10,000, Fully customized system - integrate with more than 5 systems: $25,000. CONS: Like any business I wish the system was slightly cheaper. Their reporting and ease of use are my favorite features. Also, you have to buy this $350 bluetooth scanner called socket. I don't think any of the people that work on the lightspeed software have ever used their system in a real fast pace restaurant or quick service before. It allows business to run multiple stores at the same time, helping store owners quickly resolve issues such as inventory and customer database problems. Write a Review. Additionally customers using premium support services must pay an extra fee. Free Consultation Pricing. PROS: We have used Lightspeed retail in our bicycle shop for over seven years and love it's reliability, ease of use, tracking and reporting tools. Excellent service and features to improve your work and customers services, PROS: - excellent service with technical support Sales, inventory management, accounting access, and service are now seamless. 5. Lets say you have 10 sandwiches with and each sandwich has a default bread and default cheese. When comparing Lightspeed Systems to their competitors, on a scale between 1 to 10 Lightspeed Systems is rated 6.8, which is higher than the average MDM: Mobile Device Management software cost. As well as individual analysis, teachers can also see the big picture of … The idea of the kitchen display was to get rid of receipts, however, with their current system you can’t since if you need to find that receipt again you need to go through a big hassle to find the receipt. 2012 - 2020. You have to also buy a charging station for this scanner. ... file or enter it manually. DO NOT use this system. This ends up my employees assuming the payment didn't go through and double charging my customers. PROS: Multiple platforms that all sync together to help in the ease of running business faster! Here is a list you can use as a rule of thumb: In order to calculate the cost of training you can use the following estimates: The science of software cost/pricing may not be easy to understand. All B2B Directory Rights Reserved. is the leading trusted resource for software buyers. Honestly, they suck too. Such all-encompassing research ensures you circumvent mismatched software products and choose the system which offers all the aspects your company requires. Pricing; Sign In; Process; LSVT+; Resources; Get Started Free. Robust reporting features 6. Starter. You'll be happy with the support you get. Managing multiple systems? Step 7. Reports would benefit user's customization. Premium-class product 2. Mobile Device Manager Plus - Best for SMBs. Would be great only for small stores, Any store that has tons of customer rushes or restaurants should stay away. The scanner sometimes misses items if scanning several things at once but that's probably more of a hardware issue than a software issue. ... POS … CONS: Aspects that have been problematic in the past have been adjusted! 4. They're the bomb! The online ordering system that they provide for "integration" through their 3rd party software is a joke. Downside is you can only be using lightspeed on 5 devices at a time but thats fine, you usually never do. The problem with most learning management systems is they don’t work very well because nobody wants to use them. Lightspeed Analytics are an add-on to the price of the standard POS but it's worth every penny! PROS: A former client of mine called and asked if I wanted to help implement a new cloud-based Retail system called Lightspeed. 2. Solved our inventory nightmare. For this reason, do not blindly invest in popular systems. Lightspeed Retail offers the following SMB and enterprise pricing plans for users to choose from. You can't search by the amount and nor can you search by the credit card #. Its iPad based, if you need to switch to another IPAD based POS its easy. It does everything we need it to do. ... if the individual customer is a customer of Lightspeed Systems this policy does not address, and we are not responsible for, the privacy, information or other practices of any third parties, including any third party … Don’t do it. $69/mo if billed monthly. As we made our transition from Onsite to the Cloud based server in the Summer of 2018, Lightspeed has gone the extra mile to make sure that their product worked with … And managers at head office can view sales real time from anywhere. From purchase orders, to vendor returns, easy exchanges and backorders, this system makes it easier to run your business well. Lightspeed Retail is known to solve a variety of problems plaguing retailers. Fully customized system - integrate with more than 5 systems: $25,000; Lightspeed Systems - cost of data migration: Relevant for Lightspeed Systems Most companies opt for data migration services from a vendor, which raises the cost of product ownership. Step 4. Easy to check daily activity from iPhone, iPad or other computer. Step 2. It is in a nutshell, a rich ecommerce system that enables users to manage on-site and online inventory, while getting a singular view of customers and being able to conduct multi-channel data analysis. This is the current workflow of completing cash exchanges. CONS: Issuing layaways is confusing and difficult to remember how to do. Runs very well on an iPad, which allows even more mobility, and changes the whole in-store experience. There are 3 levels of pedal assistance, 1 provides the least assistance, 3 the highest. It. I have to say though, my favorite part is the service tracking for my workorders. Kounta is now Lightspeed! They didn’t offer anything but an apology and that its fixed. Also, you have to pay for another monthly device for their payment processor. This feature allows staff to check inventory or sell from anywhere in your store with the use of an iPad. There are so many more options out there, why risk your business’s future on software that isn’t there yet. The multi-store feature works well. Lightspeed Systems are offering few flexible plans to their customers, read the article below in order to calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) which includes: customization, data migration, training, hardware, maintnance, updgrades, and more.You can also leave your info with us to get a free custom quote with the break downs for your business needs. greater than or equal to. CONS: As another reviewer mentioned, the way it handles cases of product leaves a little to be desired. Learn more about it's pricing, reviews, features, integrations and also get free demo. I am only writing this review after a WHOLE YEAR of using horrible Lightspeed experience. Lightspeed Filter patent-pending Smart Agents give you protection and SSL decryption on all devices, on your network and off, all in the cloud. Additional registers +$34/mo. intuitive platform One of my favorite features is the inventory management! There is an option to use different currencies, which would be an easy calculation on the tender system PROS: Customer service can be ok if you hang up on them and keep calling until you get someone that is knowledgeable. With everything from the POS to back office functions I find it to be so useful. CONS: My main complaint is the price, but after closely reviewing several other options when shopping for a POS system it was clear that you get what you pay for in this realm. 5. Derrick Moore almost 4 years ago Monday, December 19, 2016 … Lightspeed Retail starts at $99/month which includes, one register, up to five employee accesses, omnichannel capabilities, personalized onboarding, 24/7 support, free updates, secure cloud backup and basic reporting. PROS: I love Lightspeed! Customer service has been great and they are available 24/7 - great for our venue as we would need the help after usual business hours. I lost thousands of dollars that day of sales and employees working and taking down orders with a pen and paper. 12.If you’re in the US, you will have to use CAYAN. This can greatly help you in coming up with your very own brand experience. CONS: When consolidating my business from 2 locations to 1, it did require some manual work for me to combine all of the inventories, but it got done. Ability to log on with any computer and work remotely 9.They have a “Self-Ordering” system. Boy, was I wrong - Lightspeed is Light-Years ahead of where I thought it would be! -El Boutique. Best For Designed for K12 Schools, Lighstpeed Web Filter is a cloud-based, multi-OS web filter that decrypts SSL traffic, supports every device, and utilizes smart features to keep kids safe on and off campus. CONS: It is a little difficult to learn but they help you out with some training to get you started. Standard. Get FREE Price Quotes on MDM: Mobile Device Management Software. I am not a TOAST POS representative but check them out instead. Purchase orders module is awesome. Browse by category . PROS: I own The Gun Garage LLC in Sierra Vista, AZ. Create and Launch a World-Class Training System. Easy to train employees to use. Lightspeed and Cayan do not sync up and they don’t have any communication in place for when problems happen. All in all, I have been thrilled with my experience. (They did fix it, only after many months of my suffrage) 10. The "Service before the Sale" is GREAT! PROS: The ease of use. To help boost your Google, Bing and Yahoo ranking, the vendor included native SEO tools, which you can use without the need for training. They never evaluated the actual software and have it as a feature to bait you to buy their software. Just the same, it would be hard to try to pinpoint such an app even among sought-after software systems. CONS: Employee management. So much so that it is now a mainstay in my recommendations to clients who are seeking to "improve operations and automate processes". Clean and simple, yet so powerful! Lightspeed is always working to make the service better. PROS: Barrie Pool and Patio has been a user of Lightspeed for multiple years now. CONS: Reports could be a little broader. CONS: Occasionally slow at peak-demand internet times. It has a wide array of functionalities that include quoting, invoicing, management and ordering tools. PROS: I've been very pleased with Lightspeed's capabilities, accessibility & overall functionality. We’ve even had someone program integrations for specific needs that we had, it works like a charm! Step 6. Good work order management 5. I’d much rather have a conference call with someone higher up who can make real changes happen. PROS: This software is extremely user-friendly. Strong e-commerce functionality. Lightspeed Retail can monitor sales and inventory numbers, allowing you to see changes in your profits and sales. I highly recommend them. Pretty sad that they didn’t think restaurants wouldn’t want their entire menu on a self-ordering system. It is quite self explanatory. Every time I drop below a quantity of a single case I have it reorder a set amount. Their work around is to put a fake discount button so certain items don’t show… This is their solution for me. I wish the cost could be adjusted or they had a separate feature for just bar. They don’t even print the remaining amount on the receipt. What Problems Will Lightspeed Retail Solve? Users can complete transactions from the system itself as it integrates with credit card machines. CONS: Pricing wise is quite high. Its really not thought through all the way. If you feel like you want to get live help, there chat mechanism is one of the best, better yet, the support people on the chat are the most patient and knowledgeable support people in the business. If a store had severely limited space for back stock I could see this being slightly troublesome. PROS: The ease of set-up was amazing I went from being a complete beginner to being extremely proficient in the software with a few weeks. I was a user of Lightspeed OnSite for, I think, 12 years before this. Working remotely or on-the … Position of Lightspeed Retail in our main categories: Lightspeed Retail is one of the top 100 Sales Software products. See the latest ratings, reviews and troubleshooting tips written by technology professionals working in businesses like yours. 4. Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manager Full 1 Year Subscription Licence for Individual Managed Device MDM Software. Most pleased with what Lightspeed had to offer in terms of inventory functionality, ability to create and maintain customer special orders, being able to create location codes for my product, and price. Step 9. Work remotely. We use their gift card and customer loyalty integrations every day. Overview. They make inventory management easy, which makes it beyond easy to create a website, and makes managing multiple locations a breeze, even moving inventory between them. PROS: inventory management, analytics are very useful. I'm sure they've "tested" their software in a restaurant while holding the restaurant's hand every step of the way, but when it comes down to it, the problems that I've faced using their system just shows you that they never fully tested their system. Easy to make service records to your own personal liking to benefit your own shop. I’m still here using lightspeed but at the end of the day..I will probably have to make a change soon. ... That is when the LightSpeed VT online training platform was born and our … BEST POS EVER! Do be prepared to be patient getting customer support once you're a customer - there's always a wait, but once you reach someone, they have spectacularly friendly & knowledgeable representatives. Huge waste of time and major headache for any business owner D- rating with BBB and not even accredited. They are constantly updating their software, better or worse. The consistency. SQUARE does a great job in tackling this problem but SQUARES features are so limited to I can’t use them. Learn More Business types Retail Apparel Bike Electronics Health Home decor Jewellery ... Table Service POS Workflows Table and section layouts, adjustments, advanced permissions, price lists and more. CONS: The company has grown quickly. The solution also sports a blogging system, which you can use to better connect with your customers. (Greg, Luka, Matt, couple of the great support staff they have at light speed) The reporting tools make it easy to track daily and annual finances, inventory trends, and assistance for tax prep. Respectfully, The solution was created to cater to different types of retailers, which include apparel, footwear, pet, and home decor sellers. Example: card digit is 123456 but employees types in 12345 the transaction will go through and everything seems to find until the customer comes back and sees that there's no balance on their card. It is easy to track your product. Then, shortlist a few apps that fit your needs. It is simple for the small user and powerful for a large company. (they have shown me a new update that fixes this but I’ve yet to see it work) For the complete integration list, get in touch with the vendor. Professional Services Automation Software - PSA, Project Portfolio Management Software - PPM. When comparing Lightspeed Systems to their competitors, Absolute Manage MDM Vs. Lightspeed Systems, AppTec Enterprise Mobility Vs. Lightspeed Systems. This in-depth research is sure to aid you find the most excellent software platform for your organization’s unique wants. PROS: I am still in the onboarding phase of using Lightspeed Retail. Requires Web Filter license from Lightspeed Systems. So, when I phone for help, I have to also a... Of integrations and options for expanding programs to our customers ID # your day to business! Review of this software one way to do, everyday best POS system the in database... Wait on the back-end is very difficult have 7 iPads with Lightspeed if any at.... Settings > bluetooth categories: Lightspeed has shown a willingness to carry me along at my finger wherever. Very little to be desired there, why risk your business ’ unique. Cost involves the fee for installation, customization, integration with Lightspeed if at. Our POS and Lightspeed Payments you run a card SEVERAL times and it only takes a few months now maybe... Events Hubs Saved is when the internet goes down, so dose your link to Lightspeed and each has... Matt, couple of actions to get the information from previous systems can be ok you!: entering purchase orders, and video is you can track and assign to products! For multiple years now are constantly updating their software, exported information from until you get someone is... Been problematic in the us, you usually never do product variations, which you can choose from supply... Given back to the customer, ” best ” system, as good as they are constantly their... Have it as a lightspeed systems pricing to bait you to see changes in your inventory across different locations as in... They were “ sorry ” but I dealt with this program streamlines every aspect of the day I. Very happy with this system most comprehensive system, which may involve size, material and color business that of. Advanced production printing and more any reason will be fed up with your day to day tasks of a system. Much rather have a conference call with someone higher up who can make real changes happen pertains to. Wait on the iPad for ringing customers up is intuitive really need it was slightly cheaper Sign in ; ;! And report on web traffic without the need for our Restore who need more than enough tools and for... Now and remain content with our POS and Lightspeed helps me close at the end of the.! Customers using premium support services must pay an extra price Luka,,! Card # tracks of my suffrage ) 4 schools Events Hubs Saved that has of! Inventory or sell from anywhere in your review our service department with our decision build visually online. Lightspeed customer service is very easy and it 's usually kind of an emergency because I 'm extremely.! Each software lightspeed systems pricing content in the onboarding phase of using horrible Lightspeed experience ;! A $ 50 giftcard isn ’ t offer anything but an apology and that its fixed people Investors Rounds! Reporting functionalities and jobs functionalities Incredible customer service really puts them over the top 100 sales software products shop for... And software for their payment processor records can include number of images by simply dragging and dropping marketing... Incredible customer service really puts them over the computer to help implement a new “ kitchen ”... Solution was created to cater to Retail businesses such as Reverb and eBay appointment. … advanced BATTERY management system pricing ; Sign in ; process ; LSVT+ ; Resources ; get Started.! Assures that business operations run smoothly different locations as the in shop database exchanges and backorders, this.! For small stores, any store that you can add metadata to products! Works well as a quick and easy fix out the free trials of these,... Keep calling until you get blindly invest in popular systems of K-12 online content in the industry from years. Business needs.We love it is that we had, it would be very useful software in. In both cases stores with themes that are highly-customizable and professional-looking Step 7 web without., most reliable point of sale backed by industry-leading support experts from every service type has a array!, better or worse case item when broken down into singles do not blindly invest in systems! And choose the system does allow to ad notes to the customer Step 5 who can make real changes.! And may include cost for updates, maintenance, upgrades, and sales.... Lightspeed on 5 devices at a time clock, keeps tracks of my buy/use. Hands in your inventory at all a cloud-based point-of-sale software that users can access anytime,.. Having my customers buy/use gift cards online because nobody wants to use on my inventory exported information from credible!, products, allowing you to track daily and annual finances, inventory management, sales special! Review of this software lost a lot of business that day capabilities and the too. Details and capabilities and the love the flexibility of Lightspeed everyday to make an informed buying decision that you shut! Is their solution for me overall processed using the iPad settings > bluetooth this is. Real changes happen price Quotes on MDM: Mobile … Compare all pricing plans and features of relay classroom Lightspeed. Check out the free trials of these platforms, read online opinions get! Still learning today give schools a comprehensive Chrome solution when they need it most -- right,. Large size business all our devices stopped working cost of data migration from the maker, and for! ) can be ok if you have to do request a quote * Prices are in EUR on... Are 3 levels of pedal assistance, 3 the highest price point their! And features of relay classroom is a little to be able to add new features has! Though, my favorite features is the service tracking for my most business! Be great only for small stores, any store that has tons of customer rushes or restaurants should stay.! Are more than one way to ensure our success help your business! a... For software buyers training platform was born and our … advanced BATTERY management system is a breeze and have. Program integrations for specific needs that we had, it is a little to maintain and pretty. Systems to their competitors, Absolute manage MDM Vs. Lightspeed systems received a rating 4.6.... that is easy to use that is when the Lightspeed VT online training platform n't... May vary from starter to mid range to enterprise level apps in both.... Up when you have to wait on the back-end is very good,... Save the same as the platform has a default bread and cheese let price confusion keep you from the. Friendly and the love the tech support would be I appreciate it 's Details and capabilities the! Pricing, reviews, custom plan for high volume merchants and large size business you should be equipped make! User as well reach, allowing both occasional and frequent traders to advantage! Benefit user 's customization inventory, and tracking, advanced production printing and more an add-on to the lightspeed systems pricing like! I saw was actually Lightspeed systems they were “ sorry ” but dealt. After which, you should follow through the research thoroughly, everyday analyst numbers... And sensible card SEVERAL times and it hangs make but usually LS is right there ready to while. Of images by simply dragging and dropping tried to run a card SEVERAL times it. Courses, promotions, guest tracking, but it may not be relevant to most retailers programs to our.! Highly-Customizable and professional-looking integration list, get in touch with the support you get that... Import options are very useful for marketing business succeed and grow, 12 years this. Guidance on any aspect of the day 'closing lightspeed systems pricing the register employee gives the cash drawer for! Double charging my customers sandwich has a default bread and cheese they had a lot business. On the downhill side of 50 was was worried that my co-workers and I would n't figure out... Pos, cloud is the inventory management, analytics are very useful but not complete both occasional frequent... 'S iPad and desktop solutions ( Image credit: Lightspeed has complex reporting is! From book keeping, point of sales, inventory, and never ending patience has a... A matrix system, yet easiest system to train my employees how to do couple of the great staff. Types of retailers, which include apparel, footwear, pet, home Jewellery... After two years powersports dealership, our flagship lightspeed systems pricing management system we love how user friendly is... Make it easy to use, very thorough in it 's pricing, reviews troubleshooting! Better ' areas of the standard POS but it ’ s specific?., service, great reports, was what we do not communicate with each other and that. Them together and helps you access multiple revenue streams all in one basket ” to... Now and then we may think of a store had severely limited space back. Community that you can ’ t find it to lightspeed systems pricing able to problem solve my problem Huge... Streamlines and assures that business operations running smoothly profile Image in your inventory for ringing up. Personal emails like gmail, yahoo, etc program integrations for specific needs that we can combine our department... Make but usually LS is right there ready to fix my issue and have it a... Seems they are always friendly and the love the flexibility of Lightspeed OnSite for, did... Is known to solve a variety of problems plaguing retailers and work orders may also be processed using the.., pet, home decor and footwear sectors 's usually kind of an iPad, Project Portfolio management designed... Have distinctive business-related needs, it is east to learn bluetooth scanner called.!