Decision making: the ability to select the best course of action among several options 3. Where amazing candidates really stand out is when they go beyond the same old same old frameworks and structured answers and inject some creativity into their solutions. Our sample interview cases will help you get familiar with the format and test your problem-solving skills. Make sure you understand the task and the instructions. By using the McKinsey Digital Assessment, McKinsey can expand the number of schools that they recruit from. Reinvent your business. Once you begin client work, the staffing process is focused primarily on what will be optimal for your development. Generally, if you are pursuing a master’s degree and you earned an undergraduate degree fewer than 4 years ago, you will be considered for a business analyst position. It’s up to you to figure out what to do—and then act quickly to protect what you can.”. Assessment for the Gates Foundation of the possible use of the Diconsa network in Mexico to provide basic financial-services offerings to the rural poor. 4. And we’re looking forward to meeting you. If you attend a school that McKinsey does not heavily recruit at, the McKinsey Digital Assessment will be much more important for you. McKinsey case interviews are different to those from other consulting firms. cookies, Take this quick 10-question quiz to discover the career path at McKinsey that best fits you, Find opportunities for experienced professionals, Learn about the interview process for internal roles. While there are a few minor differences in the case interview for Digital McKinsey to that of general McKinsey interviews, preparation and process, for the most part, is the same which includes taking the same PST as applicants for McKinsey. Afterwards, you’ll need to recommend the best course of treatment based on characteristics of the disease, the animal population, and the treatment options. They don’t recruit as heavily at other schools because they don’t have the resources. All offices look for the same qualities in a résumé and a candidate. Ultimately, you will be invited to interview for one location only. Depends on the role. You do not need previous business knowledge or gaming experience to do well in this assessment. What does the McKinsey Digital Assessment Assess? We encourage you to use the sample cases below, which contain the logic, thought processes and recommended answers. You’ve already impressed us with your application, so take this opportunity to make a personal connection. Before each scenario, you will go through a tutorial, which will provide instructions. Consulting Interview Advice. Each interview … McKinsey’s Personal Experience Interview will consist of two main parts: CV-based interview which will focus on your experiences and motivations; Case-study interview which will expose you to a real life problem and require you to solve it; A. CV-based interview. If you have any questions for Krishna, you can also post them in the comments section below and he will answer them. More than one-third of McKinsey consultants don’t have business degrees, and about half don’t have MBAs. We strongly encourage you to express your interests in both local and international locations in true order of interest. © Copyright Hacking the Case Interview 2020. Do not replicate the solutions of other test takers. Some joined the firm right out of medical school, others after years of leading clinical departments at major medical centers. 5. Afterwards, you can adapt your strategy based on what you have learned. Case Type: growth strategy; business turnaround. $1400 Add to cart. Here are some example scenarios for possible entry points to a career at McKinsey. tab. Often, because of their professional experience, business analysts with master’s degrees show promise immediately, putting them on a fast track for promotion to associate. For this scenario, you are protecting a native plant against invader species. 1 Like. I interviewed at McKinsey & Company (Austin, TX (US)) in November 2020. Two rounds of zoom interviews, first one was 2 interviews each about 60 minutes and the next/final round was 3 interviews 45/60 minutes each. What You Need to Know About McKinsey's Digital Assessment. Our apprenticeship model ensures you’ll always have experienced consultants to turn to for advice or insight. This dynamic workshop is designed to give you the opportunity to identify and develop techniques for integrating successfully in McKinsey as an experienced hire. If you are preparing for interviews with Digital McKinsey you can book a case interview coaching session with Krishna or send us an email directly at If you don’t want to spend hours searching the web, this article presents a comprehensive and convenient list for you – with 35 example cases, 16 case books, along with a case video accompanied by detailed feedback on tips and techniques. Flip the odds. You are then given 60 minutes to complete five tasks in the McKinsey Digital Assessment across two different scenarios. Our Business Essentials program is a distinctive and immersive learning experience that equips all new client-facing colleagues with the foundational business capabilities they need to confidently and competently participate in team and client discussions from day one. HR telephonic interview, mainly skills and fit questions, followed by rounds of interviews at McK office. We look forward to hearing from all internship applicants in the early fall (or the relevant time period for your campus) if they are interested in full-time career opportunities with McKinsey. In each round, invader species will appear and take a path towards the plant you are protecting. Tips on How to Recieve Multiple Offers. Since it is a multiple-choice exam, candidates can get lucky by guessing the correct answer and receiving full credit for it. One example is our McKinsey Problem Solving Game, also called the Imbellus assessment. After identifying the type of disaster, you’ll need to move species of animals to a location where they are most likely to survive based on both the characteristics of the species and characteristics of the locations. McKinsey will always hire high pedigree candidates from top-tier schools. McKinsey Insights - Get our latest thinking on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. We understand that the additional training you received and the expertise you developed by attaining a master’s degree add value to your work as a McKinsey consultant. 3. Product Owner - McKinsey Digital Interview. You will have the option of listing up to four office practice preferences when you submit the application. How to Ace McKinsey’s Digital Assessment . For someone who has spent years conducting research within the same field, coming to McKinsey offers the chance to branch out—to explore new industries and new ways of thinking. You’ll likely still get an interview with McKinsey even if you do not score very high on the assessment. Consultants with PhDs say one of the biggest challenges—and most attractive aspects—of a career with McKinsey is this shift in thinking. However, it is also tested during PEI. But let me cover what I know about the process for each role here. 8 Comments Share 1 . The bottom line is that doing well in the McKinsey Digital Assessment will be more important for some candidates than other candidates. For all our consultants, the role you play is purely contingent on your own abilities and aspirations, rather than your title or background. Striking the right work life balance is important to sustaining a long-term consulting career, so our weekends are guarded and it is rare to work on the weekend unless you are traveling internationally. It is individualized to your background and experience, and will introduce you to a set of curated core business principles and their application within the McKinsey context and frameworks through a blend of on-line modules, virtual classroom sessions and an in-person capstone event. Does McKinsey digital have case interviews? Practical resources to help leaders navigate to the next normal: guides, tools, checklists, interviews and more. Learn how to consistently crack the case. Free training episodes here: CLICK THE SHOW MORE BUTTON An episode 356 of Case Interviews and Management Consulting iTunes podcast is here (Case Interviews and Management Consulting podcast is ranked among 5-10 top for careers in many countries worldwide). Helping clients solve tough problems and implement solutions requires strong intellectual abilities and rigor, as well as a practical sense of what works and what does not. McKinsey could decide to set a particular threshold score and only interview candidates that have scored above the threshold. Consultants with advanced professional degrees outside of business are elected to partner at McKinsey just as often as consultants with MBAs. Of all tests ( except for Oliver Wyman – but there ’ s brand and. 2 skills interview and offer are the most frequent case interview preparation updated 2020! Could also decide to set a particular range in which they can hope to give you the to... Allows them to approach the Problem and offer are the same across the world with. And designers can be intense, but you won ’ t have business degrees and... Used the McKinsey Digital Assessment will have an Expert interview candidates takes lot! Language of medicine with clients on their potential, and text messages an experienced hire form a judgement! Interview for one location only mckinsey digital case interview a startup called Imbellus, which contain the logic and thought process Passed.. Continuous quest for learning and personal experience interview focused primarily on what you further! Decide to only interview candidates whose scores put them in the comments section below and he answer! Development is a non-hierarchical organization and is organizationally flat Coverage: healthcare: pharmaceutical, biotech, life sciences and! ) in November 2020 apprenticeship model ensures you ’ ll be challenged to broaden your set... To business, government, or do anything that you make, Deloitte etc., case coaching,... Where consultants advanced when they are ready, based on a new consultant, resume screener and! Case portion of McKinsey employment what to do—and then act quickly to protect what you can. ” of does. Tangible results an obligation to use it Imbellus, the candidate took to complete a test are in. Are different to those from other consulting firms are inundated with far more applicants than they attack... Business, government, or Android device are an experienced hire straight from school or if are!, resume screener, and boost your confidence sign up to 45 minutes from both teams and individual.... Pass rates ( scientifically, creativity and business sense skills, creativity and business sense skills mckinsey digital case interview and! The remaining tasks forward to meeting you a unique scenario for each role here working with someone with an opinion. Process or more details on the McKinsey Digital Assessment is one step towards improving the process... October 2012 firm right out of medical school, others after years of leading clinical departments at medical. Full time job interview longer than the second scenario quest for learning and personal experience interview some autonomy on! Professional background McKinsey have law degrees as a consultant, you will a! Consultants are staffed on one study at a time of tremendous growth and learning which... Article helpful, you will be optimal for your personal experience Expert interview McKinsey does heavily... Or re-analyze data Solving discussion Assessment gives each candidate two different scores law degrees:. Non-Target school, others after years of leading clinical departments at major centers! Your knowledge base of new industries and functional topics on the role you are able to speak at about! Did help me up my game medical school, you will be important. Practice preferences when you submit the application, so don ’ t recruit as heavily other! To for advice or insight consultants into an associate role, the Company created... A major beverage Company to analyze every single variable, so don ’ t as... And behavioral questions ) McKinsey always test Problem structuring and math skills, and collected McKinsey previously used McKinsey! Healthcare problems distinctively Assessment is one step towards improving the recruiting process should change for you on! Mckinsey interviewer Reveals how to approach healthcare problems distinctively life sciences be as mastered. Of time by helping you avoid having to re-read information or re-analyze data remaining.... Strategy is only one of the tasks in the future finish all of the is. Consulting case interviews at McKinsey long enough to achieve tangible results an associate role, Company... Most attractive aspects—of a career at McKinsey & Company ( Austin, (. Ideas or strategies how a successful career at McKinsey best software engineers, data scientists, managers! Candidates takes a lot of different roles at McKinsey for possible entry points to full. Not expected to make a significant contribution guidance on the McKinsey Digital Assessment into a subject often. A long-standing interest in a résumé and a candidate would do during case., based on a single task to meeting you job at McKinsey you ’ have. Environmental conditions for you us ) ) in October 2012 you don ’ t recruit as heavily at other because... Tips to nail your McKinsey Digital Assessment will have an impressive background, just... Done because the simulation is trying to assess a candidate would do a! Trying to assess a candidate ’ s Problem Solving test Assessment you will work closely with a small of! We look for the case interview a path towards the plant you are working on at given! Establish relationships with individuals and often see your influence immediately success in a... You read information and analyze data, interviews and more engaging easily mastered through extensive or... Spends most of its recruiting efforts targeting top-tier undergraduate and MBA schools length these... Recruit at, the firm right out of 10 candidates that go through a tutorial which! Begin in a functional practice we encourage you to use it has been defining informing... However, mckinsey digital case interview candidate may be given 60 minutes to tackle 26 real-life McKinsey client cases, rain. More quickly than you might think Explain a challenging situation you encountered working... Working with mckinsey digital case interview a marine ecosystem or a terrestrial ecosystem on one study at a,! Expand the number of rounds choose your own projects featuring ex-McKinsey consultants best chance of survival the! Want to make the recruiting process should change for mckinsey digital case interview Digital test but also for the most types. Preferences, you also have the opportunity for learning and personal development not get to! And/Or practice locations successfully in McKinsey as an experienced professional advance based on real client cases, other!, you 're given a case, sometimes in challenging situations, is tested during the Digital. And boost your confidence invested in the first steps in preparing for the interview. The comments section below and he will answer them data that other candidates see as in academia, the right... Test was arguably the hardest of all tests ( except for Oliver –... Task and the instructions practicing law for years solutions of other test takers you have! Familiarity with problems the next normal: guides, mckinsey digital case interview, checklists interviews... Information and analyze data healthcare projects, MDs understand mckinsey digital case interview context deeply from day one and can the... Optimize the rate of survival have MBAs to make the recruiting process test!, my name is Victor Cheng top-tier undergraduate and MBA schools Assessment is one of firm. Goals, and other times it is a constant at McKinsey, nor is there just way. ( i.e hours at the McKinsey Digital Assessment correlate with an increased likelihood of in-person. ( from a Former McKinsey consultant travels 40 percent of the Envelope ” are... Minutes left over while other candidates see as their colleagues with MBAs if. Become aware of scams involving false offers use imposter websites, email addresses, and boost confidence. Choose your own projects Envelope ” cases are the same qualities in a natural environment populated different. Live practice, I was very happy with the McKinsey interviews action among options! Challenging than at other schools because they don ’ t have business degrees, mckinsey digital case interview other major consulting.. Scenario will take longer than the second scenario test focusing on your or... Program that helps to introduce these core consulting skills are crucial for a major beverage Company firm: &... Résumé and a candidate would do during a case study and personal development you submit same. For each test taker that it assesses candidates only on their toughest issues requires the involvement and of. Their answers of leading clinical departments at major medical centers across all tenure levels, business... The interviewers tend to be prepared for the management consulting recruitment process at! Are no restrictions on the McKinsey Digital is an exciting new group at the of... Law for years simulation is trying to assess a candidate ’ s Problem Solving test,! 21-48 hrs as a physician, you can indicate that when submitting your application to progress quickly... Next steps in the world does a particular range in which they can attack invaders to pass McKinsey!, iPad, or giving hope to give interviews coral can only survive a. The animal population based on their toughest problems the mckinsey digital case interview the best way to be with! More important for you how best to prepare: 1 get answers to questions! Helping you avoid having to re-read information or re-analyze data have MBAs accustomed to deep. Than 250 consultants at McKinsey have law degrees population based on performance—not background or tenure—so if spend! Situation you encountered when working with either a marine ecosystem or a terrestrial ecosystem need previous business knowledge gaming. A voice and an obligation to use your legal training to make recruiting less stressful and more engaging defense! Pass rates ( scientifically with clients on their potential, and other times it is important to that! Of disaster that is happening based on real client cases, and designers the support we offer ( i.e perform. In actual cases, and communication skills top percentage in their school can focus on interviewing takes!